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Something Old...
An item from the bride's family life that she will bring into her married life. It is common for a bride to wear a piece of family jewellery on her wedding day.

Something New...
Represents new life and hope for the future. It can be the bridal gown or something new for the bride's wedding day attire.

Something Borrowed...
An item borrowed from someone who is happily married. This will in turn bring happiness into your marriage.

Something Blue...
Symbolizes purity and fidelity.

A Copper Penny in Your Shoe...
Brings wealth and an abundance of joy.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a copper penny in your shoe!

The Diamond Ring

The enduring quality of this precious stone signifies the lasting nature of a couple's engagement and marriage.

The Big Kiss
Concluding the wedding ceremony with a kiss represents the sealing of vows and announces to everyone your newlywed status.

The Bride's Veil
It was believed long ago that a veil would protect the bride from evil spirits. Today, the white veil symbolizes purity and virginity.

The White Runner
The white runner stretched down the aisle symbolizes a pathway into happiness. The tossing of rose petals on the runner will lead the bride to a promising and plentiful future.

Wedding Bells
The ringing of bells will drive away evil spirits that could destroy a couple's happiness on their wedding day.

Throwing Rice
Showering the newlyweds with rice will bring fertility and prosperity.

Flowers have been used in weddings throughout history to attract good luck and to bring fertility. Modern brides select flowers to reflect personal style and to add beauty and romance to the wedding.

The Wedding Cake
The cake is a symbol of fertility. This tradition dates back to Roman customs in first century B.C. where the cake was thrown at the bride or a part of it was tossed over her head to bring fertility. Today, the bride and groom share their unity and devotion for each other during the cake-cutting ceremony.

Wedding Favors
Keepsakes or gifts from the bride and groom are given to guests to thank them for
sharing in their wedding celebration and to pass on good luck.

The act of toasting at the reception signifies shared happiness and the giving of best wishes to the newlyweds from family and friends.

The Bouquet Toss
This modern-day tradition replaced the long-ago custom of single ladies tearing and keeping a piece of the bride's wedding dress for good luck and marriage. Today, the lady who catches the bride's bouquet is the next one to walk down the aisle.

The Garter Toss
The gentleman who ends up catching the garter is the next one to be married.

Tying Shoes & Cans to the Car
Attaching shoes to the rear bumper of a car represents the start of a new family. Tin cans are also tied to create loud noise to keep evil spirits away.

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold
Traditionally, it is bad luck for a bride to trip, stumble or fall when entering the front door of her new home. To avoid evil spirits hovering at the threshold, the groom would carry his bride over the entrance.

Matron or Maid of Honor
As the bride's closest friend, the main role of the matron or maid of honor is to offer support and to assist the bride throughout the wedding planning process. Some traditional duties the matron of honor carry out include dress shopping, organizing the bridal shower, putting together wedding favours, helping the bride get dressed on her wedding day, adjusting the bride's veil and gown and holding her bouquet during the ceremony, and witnessing the signing of the marriage license.

Best Man
The best man offers moral support and is responsible for getting the groom to the church, holding onto the rings, witnessing the signing of the marriage license, giving the first toast to the newlyweds, organizing the bachelor party, and assisting the groom on his wedding day.

The Receiving Line
Long ago it was believed that couples were blessed on their wedding day and those who touched them would receive good luck.


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